Achieve the Look You've Always Wanted With Simple Eyeliner Tips

                             So, what's the purpose of eye liner? This page will provide you with the absolutely best eyeliner tips.

           Have you ever wondered why women wear makeup on their eyes? Well, the simple answer is that it helps us look pretty and feminine, but a more technical answer is that eye make-up and designs help create sharpness and depth to our eyes. Its purpose is to simply enhance our natural eyes and face. 

We hope our page helps you figure out the best way to dress your eyes. All eyes are different and they all have their own unique look. Many times we can only wear certain shades and colors with certain techniques. And finding those colors and technique is the key! 

The whole purpose of eye liner is to make your lashes look fuller and more defined.

Using eyeliner is a great way to bring out the best of your eyes; To make them sparkle with loveliness, giving them a spectacular natural depth. Eyeliner was created to enhance beauty that is already there. 

Applying Eyeliner and Eyeliner Styles

There are many ways on how to apply eye liner and many more on designing easy eyeliner styles. Most of the techniques have to do with your eye shape and preference.

A simple line on the top of your lid or just an even stroke on the bottom lid. You may want to make your line a little more dramatic by using liquid eyeliner. There are also many styles in eyeliner such as the famous Cat Eye and Winged Eyeliner. We hope to have some tutorials on those in the near future.

It can be a little difficult to the inexperienced when applying eyeliner. But the best advise we can share is practice! Another tip is don't be a perfectionist! :) Check out the How To Apply Eyeliner page to learn more about getting that perfect application.

Here are a few eyeliner tips when it comes to lining your eyes.

eyeliner tipsBest Eyeliner Tips

  • A great way on how to put on eyeliner, instead of doing a line, try smudging and wiggling the liner into and in between the lashes. A line shouldn't be visible, but the smudged black in your lashes will give your eyes a great depth. This is also a lovely way to move into eyeliner if you are not used to wearing it.

  • A natural eye with a dramatic eyeliner is an excellent way to show off your beautiful eyes. :) Natural as in an eyeshadow that is very light and matches your skin tone and then eyeliner.

  • Near/Close-Set Eyes: If you have eyes that are more closer together then you will want to create the illusion of your eyes being farther apart. Simply line the upper and lower lash line on only the outer part of your eyes.

  • Wide-Set Eyes: If you have eyes that are wider apart, then you will want to create the illusion that your eyes are closer together by lining the first half of the upper and lower lash line. Which gives the illusion of your eyes being closer together.

  • Smaller Eyes: If your eyes are on the smaller side, then try lining the waterline of your eyes. The waterline is the bottom of the eye and right above your eyelashes also known as the rim. This will make them look a little bit bigger. Even better; go for a white eyeliner on the waterline instead of black. Using a Q-tip to smudge and take away the starkness of the white. This effect is beautiful and will open your eyes up more and give your eyes a brightening affect.

  • A Firm Application: Try taunting your eye making sure you don't tug on your eyes. Tugging or pulling will encourage early sagging and wrinkling. Just firmly put your finger on your eyelid as you apply eyeliner. This will give you a steadier hand as you apply.

  • Eyes that have started to age? The skin around the eye is the most delicate and sensitive to sun and wrinkling. Around the eye usually is the first signs of aging on the face. We highly recommend taking special care of that part of your skin. Keeping your eyes young and vibrant can add years to your face. If you are concerned with early sagging or have been fighting the good fight of aging, trying every product out there; We recommend a product that we absolutely LOVE! It is pure collagen called collagen serum.

How to Apply Eye liner

When it comes to eyeliners there are many options to choose from. Begin exploring the types of eyeliner according to your preference and style . Don't be intimidated when learning about lining your eyes like I did. Its easy fun and so attractive!

So get yourself some makeup wipes for easy clean up and begin practicing until you feel comfortable with the one you like.

how to apply eye makeupHow to Apply Eye Makeup

Liquid, pencil and gel.

Each kind is great for different textures and eyeliner styles.

Pencil is great for smudging into the root of the eyelashes for a soft subtle effect. Just take your pencil and start smudging from one point of your eyelash line to the other point creating a smudged-in-line.

This is great for everyday makeup. Or you can just draw a regular line starting out thin in the inner part of your eye and increasing the thickness as your draw out.

Liquid eye liners require more hand control and technique. But the benefit of using liquid is huge! It shines beautifully stands out more and last WAY longer! :) It gives you a huge range of pretty eye makeup techniques. To learn more about how to apply liquid eyeliner visit its own personal page here.

Gel eye liner is fun and new. You can use an angle brush or a pencil liner. If using a pencil liner just dip it into the gel pot and then apply to your eyelids just as if you were applying a pencil.

If you are using an angle brush, same as if you are using a pencil, but the advantages to this brush is that the angle on the bristle surface allows a closer fit to the upper lash line for a defined application.

When it comes to eyeliner, the best thing you can do is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! And also pay attention to other women's eyes their shape and how they line their eyes. You'll start to have an eye for eye makeup :D 


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